13 februari 2006

Language change?

I'm pondering a language change. Maybe I should blog in English instead of Swedish? I do have a few hits from other countries, and they have absolutely nothing to gain here if I only write in Swedish.

So far I don't have very many readers at all, and most of them are probably one time hits, but if I do write in English I open up for a much larger market.

Another aspect is the fact that it'll be great practise in language skills, hopefully people will bug me if I do something linguistically horrible =) I already have a decent flow when writing, but it can only get better, eh? Well, no ... it can get so much worse, like my speech =/ It's really horrible when your vocabulary drops drastically in your native tongue, at least when you've always taken pride in your eloquence. Now I usually have to pause in the middle of a sentence to think of what the hell I'm trying to say because the words just disappear...

Ehm, right, back on topic.

Does anyone have any views? I doubt it since Wolfenstein is probably my only reader, but it's worth a shot =)


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